Ian Ruginski

Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Zurich

Hello there! My name is Ian Ruginski, and welcome to my small piece of the digital frontier. I am a cognitive scientist interested in applied spatial cognition research. I am currently working under Dr. Sara Irina Fabrikant on the GeoViSense Project as a part of the Geographic Information Visualization and Analysis (GIVA) group and Digital Society Initiative at the University of Z├╝rich.

Trained as a cognitive scientist, I use interdisciplinary approaches from psychology, anthropology, statistics, computer science, and geography to study visual processing, spatial cognition, and navigation. From an applied perspective, my research investigates interactions between users and technologies with the goal of better designing computer systems for user interactivity.


  • Spatial cognition
  • Navigation
  • Data visualization
  • Human-computer interaction


  • PhD in Psychology, Cognition & Neural Science, 2018

    University of Utah

  • M.S. in Psychology, 2015

    University of Utah

  • B.A. in Cognitive Science & Religious Studies, 2013

    Vassar College